College Radio: The Music That Beck Wishes He Had Made

by project: SAVE c.a. hircus

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released 09 February 2012



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project: SAVE c.a. hircus Dunedin, Florida

summer of '06 spawned the fruitless efforts of the chupacabra machine, a funk/rap/rock band from clearwater,fl. founders, vocalist jon ditty & drummer d-rok mutually agreed to postpone band endeavors in spring '07 w/ hopes of finding a new guitarist- this never happened. as jon delved into his craft of rapping, d-rok picked up the turntable. sharing production, forming project: SAVE c.a. hircus ... more

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Track Name: Natural Selection
Take a minute: derivative, time no limit, it's climbing up the monastery
Rhyme as tributary, winding up the banyan root, the varied
Bind for which my xylem, phloem, and fluming room for tycoon carry
Rich the nutrient, it could have been good but overlooked by many
Truncated efforts weigh in with minimal fortunes
Glass-half-empty standards? I disbanded those proportions
Force 'em in with square-to-circle blockhole; saw them eyes of God, damn like
Why do all them humans falter? Cauterize foot, remove the boulder
Shoulder too far over, so get get over!
Left is for my kind, right? You're getting older
Me too, I see through timing passages to fit the measurement of measures been blessed
You need training wheels to handle bars
Bike, with two jaws, a mandible cause
My probable loss of air- the sayer
Pair, snare-loud circulation of bionic deliberation
Makes me wanna build edifices so dirt ain't needed
As a gravestone antecedent; treated to aficionado allegiance
Seated in the self-so-serving-self and not the corporate state
Or greater flag; throw in the rag or
Mouth bowels: some call it shit, others call it fertilizer
Miles it be from reaching frequencies that connect, affect, reject close minded one-way blinded beliefs
I'm sick and sticking euthanasic service
Waiting for the chance to flourish
But this peat and soil's far too tainted
Malnourished, statically walks the intermingled line
Blending with environment and "I don't really have the time"
Either see, defeated defeatist- the feat to be deceased
So here's your scapegoat if it burns down the ceiling

It's all about the way in which you hold yourself
Despite the undercurrent's fervent curvature to stick the burden spur
To unassuming human furniture
That's aperture, the capturer of sane and stable nomenclature
Stature of a generation, lacking in investiture
The best deferred to second-best
The lexicon is empty; furthermore, the overture is undermining lest the opposition's crest
And I don't wanna fall a victim to
Natural Selection

Break! Uprooted from the comfort of a sofa quota; motor wasted
Basted in a marinade to fry the brain stem
The stick that's been mistaken as upright, stuck up the anus
But, I'm telling ignorant soccer moms to level up
Like one-up; auction off a life a misanthropic ideals
A life less selfish appeals to you and yours; I repeal
The feelings felt, that's jealous, dealt the house of cards that fell
For understanding basis; self-mandated circumstances
Tamper-evident the sealing, dealing arguments of beating 'round the shrubs and flora/fauna
Fight the future pre-madonna!
'Gonna pawn all unprogressive thoughts and actions, Sects and factions, and maybe then I'll grow webbed feet?
But then until then...
Take a palm and then swear on
The future and there on
The suitors who bear arms
Against the fence erected 'round the plot of land you stand on for the purpose to retain your unadapted self and act on nothing in congruence to the changing world
Or maybe it's the world that's changing you?
Or maybe that what's certain is the burden closing curtains is the learning versus learned: follow through
Now build!
Track Name: Soapbox Politician Dictating Nonsense from a Three Foot Radius...F@#k It, Let's Go Get a Beer
Uttering the jungle of the jumble that has take-
N residence in depths of what we know to be
Unexplored and unreported, similar to sea,
Space and time; the human mind is my trajectory
So soliloquy-fatigued is free speak? I.e. my talk's cheap
To proceed is to precede the proceeds, but I don't wanna
They say to the time-committee-wine-taste so I throw it in their face
Fasting on a diet of more than planar, jaded, verbal violence
Is my method- more than beat that's bridal guided by the clever
I'm on prided vitals dialed to the bested ego of myself
So separate the current if my state of being improves
Glue the pieces; the vase had needed some
Putting back together since the ball that Atlas threw
Had made my world dilapidated; menstruated rhyme flow
On the regular, whether you can find a mantle for my cross
Is irrelevant, a ruminant endeavor; sever bored expressions
This is breath control? No, this is a vestibular endorsement
Of anti-just-what-this-is
For people thinking that their art needs justification

Am I a rapper or a speaker on a soapbox when the ceremony that I master has a VIP list
Am I a rapper or a speaker on a soapbox when I tend to digress from my topics and I don't rhyme

Vagrancy, marked by my
Codependency, some say I am a
Reverie, smart and shamed by my
Memory...codec useless
Emery, not for shine on my
Effigy, some say I am a
Refugee, running from time
Is all but commonplace we all face

I can say your matriarchal unit likes my phallus
Fifty different ways, but what the fuck do I accomplish?
A million other rappers do the same
So rather than me waste my time with that, I'll just go get some brain
Excavate cerebral cortices, predilect to more than meets the ear
Pose synapse, I bridge gaps with clear intent to clear
Ostensible bedrock; I want my bedrock, please!
On the stairway to success, death is the first step to sleep
So I stay patient- almost?! I'm saving up my two cents
Living off provisions of my compost; faux
Idealistic cystic standards, candid- I make more demands then
With criteria that separate undying from the fashions
Pardon my elevated brow, nose up-turnage: verbal scaffolding,
And definite it works to my advantage standing at the stilted heightened sense of my olfactory mastery
Vogue? No, my attire's worn out like sanity and graduation speeches...
Seriously, I don't give a fuck, man
Track Name: Fanmail to Self
Dear project: SAVE,
Define a way for me to be more sane and not a
Victim for the mass to take and massacre my brain
And I can’t tell if I’m asleep
Or I’m just walking in a daze
And all I really want is knowing
That my life was not in vain
Father me all the autonomy oughtta be
Granted at birthing; the birth of an ology
I don’t mean all of the opulent hominy
Coddle me not of a festering colony
Founded by tenets of William G. Golding
A tragedy had to be had ever-holding
By man and he managed to see through his laboring
Efforts to do and do unto his neighbor
And I, did unto the seven; the virtuous
Good was not made by religion
A vehement settlement said to deliberately
Affect some and if only a little bit
Then, at least when considering all of my
Choices to add to the betterment
Not a pawn playing the lewd apathetic
I’ll fall asleep knowing I made a day better and-
Track Name: Welcome to the Deep South
Welcome to the deep south, perhaps an adjective and not a noun
A part of speech; I depart from a part of speech that speaks to few
I'm on a wide reach to all those persons that I surround
And those I don't, now have you ever lived, inhabited
Or are familiar with the grounds they call the deep south
Undeveloped farmland in development, the kind you see on I-4
Before you know it's gonna be a housing development
My rhymes is eminent, not another cookie-cutter claiming-trait of suburbia
I hernia the basic, understate articulated gait of mechanized behavior today
So take the E-mergency exit if you can't bear what is pensive
And bear a helmet to fend off mine that which takes the offensive
To aggregate free thought I wrought around this beat promotes digression
From the theme; apologies, my concentration is in rehabilitation
How? Have you ever been inert and in the deep south?
Traditional conditional derision on the interstate; I'm trying
To figure out between the two of these two pigeonholes
Which one I hate more?
The prick who's parents bought his Honda Civic- "so acquitted"
So that he perceives himself to be above the speed limit
To the point in which in he obtains the right to ride my ass
Now get your little dick up out my cars exhaust you silly...
Second, are the might-as-well-be-called-death-weapon senior citizens
Amnesia probably stopped them from recalling what "no vision" is
I'm screaming out my window at this geezer doing 40
UNDER; how can you go a given speed
When you can't even read the numbers?!
This is what the deep south is, the hotel room that reads "no exit"
Sartre, here's my middle salute- my essence
If these people are the problem, I don't wanna be a part of mathematics

Welcome to the deep south
It was prenatal, we're not able
To break free from this fatal timetable
That we were born into; are you ever gonna get out?
No! No!

Welcome to the deep south, it is a habit and a way of living
Might as well call it a carousel that keeps on spinning
I lost my footing and fell into this state of alternating hell
Oh well
I'm a product of society that's buying all the rights to me
The latest of the late craze that I won't and don't and never need
But all I really wanted were my molars?
Fuck the dental work and put your money where your mouth is
Around here we sit and watch out TVs
Waiting 'til the pixelated carnage comes to manifest our dreams
In a 3-D fake reality of nothing that will be
So much as relevant to anything for all your kids to see
On the big screen; you can thank Walt Disney
For scruples- one way or another he was Adolf's pupil
Corporation fiend with enormous sovereignty adumbrate
Eclipsed the meaning of my whole state
Fate has brought me here and fate will taketh away
Too bad, 'cause my experience is limited, a fixative
Of sprayed ground; snow aviaries bow down
Welcome to the deep south, now get the fuck out of my town!
This is the project: SAVE-summer at a standstill, rap
Thunderstorms interrupt the monotonous silence with a clap
The capital we are saved it's lightening but couldn't save Warren Sapp
Mantra as the tempest eats the skyline of Tampa
Under intermittent cloud cover; I'm an intermittent-cloud -lover
Haha, motherfucker! With the heat aggravation of high-noon
It's only proper to pay homage to seeds of apocalyptic doom
And who knew that mother nature lost her vestibular sense?
Proceeding to rape it's inhabitants
In a fiery swamp made out to be God's spittoon
This godforsaken, God forsake him for sporadic monsoons
I sweat full cartridges, persevere for months in a dry spell
40 days and 40 nights come to rain on my hell
No ark to embark upon the land that's outside the humid
Devo, short one...I got the fuckin' mosquitoes

Welcome to the deep south, it's divine intervention if I ever get out
And on a blue moon rising; hence, despising
Any common peon that's more fortunate than me
For when I see straight through the history
Of blind systematic reasoning
All the disillusioned thinkers thinking their life out
In comparing to another
I spit the vegetables out like any other child would
We don't wanna follow trusted advice even though we know we should

And I am just like you- a walking contradiction
A soul unknown to the world he knows
That's searching for a mission
Gotta listen to my heart, but when I try to in the sun
My DNA polymerase says that I'm too southern
Accept the fact you're trapped; both thanks and "fuck you
's" to my parents
Forever happy in my hell, but one life goal that is to change it
'Til then, I'm gonna blame every son-of-a-bitch around me
Give me props on my hold-steady 'til the day of reckoning
My road is on fire, but at least the grass is green
This is where I choose rep and roam these motherfuckin' streets for life
So take a step into the Florida heat
And write me how you couldn't pick yourself up to do anything
Track Name: (I) Run-on Sentences
Add up all the oedipal signs
For some the parenting mind
To act without would be an act of feeling idle
Fornicative for parietal; para, regulatory
Fluctuating mind-fucking amazing aptitude to seeing through the
Grey matter; matter of fact I'm sick of seeing black and white
Why? Brain aneurysm accomodated for the fight of

Stand for the viable
Can what you bottle up too
The excrement might be a logical progression
For the furthering; but most of us operate making use of what we're given
So in turn let's don't let passion interfere with intervention

Don't let passion be mistaken in what's intervening imposition
In position, I'm a missionary fortified by fortitude protecting
Me by knowing well that every single selfish being ain't gonna agree
The quotidian ear-holder, a specimen of sorts
Is likely more concerned with Maslow doctrine than you and yours
And that's earnestly recognized by few of who
Are so self-absorbed in what they stand for that the point is ignored
UN-introverted curtly service the person diversion
Wording the verbage that's got a worm in it's turret
Implicit circumstantial occurrence, the susceptible lured
And then advantage is taken like parasitic repellents
I can and bottle what I can but understand the waste product
If I don’t fit your type at all to allocate the knowledge
I’d rather spend a fragile second with an ear that benefits
Cuz what’s the sense in knocking sense if you don't give a shit and don't


I'm waiting for the debt repayment, debt repayment
As if karma diagnosed the ignoramus as an ailment
The majority dismiss the beneficiaries' say-shit
We all know, you'll get yours too
I know that that the aforementioned is defended by the principles:
Discerning what's intelligence and what of what's dismissible
Is a part of being human owning up to psychological
Subsidiary facts and that's when that's assimilated to
The main-frame and an impotent potential
Rents the mental ventricle effective of currently now and noon tomorrow's
The same arcane emaciated fate, one lane without grate
To filter what's a real opinion and the what's regurgitated
What does it take to overcome the made and make it overcame
I don't know the answer now but the procedure is same
In which to follow when delivering eviction as a notice
Notice passion's not an integral component when you


Commonality, destructive as it is and isn't
Finding common-ground with someone tends to be resistant
In assimilating new and normal useful information
If your backbone of support is against acclimatization
On the hand, opposing, I'm voting no support
For the posing of an argument that's short of core rapport
And all the titillating advocates are droning on, prolong
It like the tintinnabulation to a cartoon sing-a-long
And I'ma ask that you can differentiate the ardor
From the ill-informed and had they thought a little harder
They would see that they're the same as you and have no right to interject
And that the cause that they apportion doesn't have direct effect
On them or you or on the main of the people that offer a part of the ear to mind the case
Who they persist upon antagonizing day and after day
Reciprocation isn't helping if they aren't needing help so
Leave your passion at the door, I wanna help you gotta
Track Name: Why I've Had It up to Here
Subjective insurrection on the topic to bog, stick
A mental state that bent conclusively to extort spit
The midol rivaled some, but with a caffeine fix
Unlike the dead it had the choice to speak and vocalized the shit it meant
To ward off shady wayward, stay sore in the body it made home in
Sure, you've been subjected to subjective opinion
The maypole was awol, wrapped up in blue ribbon
Not a gift, a splurging urgence currently tradition
Gripping corpus torpid mordant form informants born in ford components
More than storks exporting fornications born forlorn and dormant
Spores absorbing core is more important than deparment stores
Abhorrent orders formulated for the formant score
And it’s a dire problem, a tail without its dolphin
To fit the prosthetic a medic proctored amputation prior to
But uh, thanks for the sympathy card
You're pathetic attempt is hallmark in the eyes of a bard
Side-activist; out of anomaly based on the purest form of
Formal attire in how you carry your behavior
Is an insult to both of that of what is you and your offspring
Costing, not only you but all the people who’s off spring break
In contributions to the future, perfect? Maybe not but on the way to being so
So, the retribution is an undeserved concern if you’ve got coursework to fork out
Less boots, turtle soup, tennis balls, and more trout
Less boots, turtle soup, tennis balls, and more trout

Defamation to the womb that wounded wounding
The tenant you cultivated
Fated by both the biological and cryogenic freezing
Of systematic (right from wrong)
Is why I’ve had it up to here and had to (write this song)
The evocation of degenerate generations generated by
The most of what’s assumed to be the proper understanding
Of omnipotent potential knowing (right from wrong)
Is why I’ve had it up to here and had to (write this song)

Amalgamation of two worlds
Impressionability is heeding penalty if all the going-in is apathetic
I'm empathetic to those that don't have it but damn
Someone force feed the simon sayers's the right restitution
Uncouth dilution improving what for who? I'd
Rather ignorance not be the right forsight
To make change, to stay status quo
To maintain the necessary wariness with good intention to all
In all the basic of all monastic principles and principalities in tacit
Turn of cog the noggin is cognizant of the similarity that each hold, how
Have we allowed the old and antiquated staking tent and stay content
Without the dismantlement. How?!
When one is not so self-directed
When direct effect is now the teaching kids the what’s expected
Sex is just the start and then the parenthood is hard
And now I know you’re saying “Whatever Jon, and I’m a good parent.”
Well fuck, I fucking hope that I’m a bad parent
Teach my kids to jump of bridges metaphorically and such apparent
Negligence is pestilence and egging on the mass
To crass and self-so catabolic aholics, I frolic faulted fop
To follow follicle fomented or feint, I meant it’s frozen
And the ghost of motive voted the votive was vague and vogue
And so in total most the totem is a quotient of none
And I can feel the bar inside of me raising with every one
Track Name: Legislative Superfluum
Rule: stock option nil—pill drowned
Fill to get the feds fed ‘til ill sound
Made to be illegal; feeble mountings
Won’t amount to anything that’s fraternizing worthy
For the folks that’s seesaw bound—non-planar
Tree tops; please stop how? Container
Units in the form of canon written by the self-proclaimed
Individuals that’s seek imaginary answers
For a cause so independent; doubt
Harbors my exclusive boat marina
That in privatizing business, when one is to mold the sentence
Whose constituents’ finish doesn’t match surrounding furniture
A vixen of a conifer at hand to plan aments
The lichen ought to not to be so complacent
If the revolution came and went, the end depends
On people not discounting stable
Means; a fiendish greed impeded treatable pleat
I have not a creaser, my concerns are my immediate needs
To where the act of integration takes a cease and decease
Desist disease, a femur-feeding vile for the sheep
And cop a plea in such anatomy, I found ‘round riles on debauchery
Equivocating sorts, deliberating more than a remedy
I voice a poignant point in statistics; not a mystic
If it ain't broke, don't fix it
Track Name: Star Song
Bedtime stories for the insomniac
Is like writing raps for people who don’t wanna listen
I'm waking in the morning on the wrong side of the head
It' got me feeling like I'm being born again and knowing that

The gentrified abide by fundamental means for meaning well
While what eventuated, seminal state of segregated still
Approximated to a band stand; I don't wanna help
The studio audience to get up off their ass to fail
Paleozoic in a stoic sense; I fence the allegory
It's all Greek to me in current modern-day
21st century’s centrifugal, too bad society's frugal
In explicitly advanced making good use of the human
I know a violent means; we all resort to genocide
And watch it lessen opportunities, true, in truant-forced comradery
Inadequate commodity had lacked the motivative
State of doing right by self but also right by what you're given
Living mitigated: evaded anointed laboring
Is pointing out the pointless why's fire feeding animation if not to break a sweat? so
I perspire in aspiring to making people aspire
To go beyond the fiscal and undulated path to retirement—
A misdirected conception that’s re-infected the scar
So while you sit back inadvertently and watch the world starve I’ma

Stake out a claim
Solder all the mainstay
Everybody's gotta get a piece for the taking
Find another statuary suitable star
To redefine the geocentricism found at the start
Stake out a claim
Solder all the mainstay
Everybody's gotta get a piece, but if you wanna save face
Find another means to redefine the galaxy and tap an alimony known to be that star

Only the man himself is he who holds the throne had thrown it to the wide receiver
Eager believers believe that that's a reason to be here
It's splendid carry-alonging for the most of construction
That's fun at first but then debunked when the foundation malfunctions
If it’s so necessary having the baggage to claim space
Then why the fuck am I here in the first place?
I struck another Monday-not-a-day discordant curtain calling
Stipulated fate: the bait of the best at watching Monday night football as a profession
I’m lessening America convention on a chart of values
Drifting further and further from the “what actually matters”
Find me a batter that can hit that point without some taking that as
Anti-patriotic; do you hear what I’m saying?
I make friends with walls; I wall out my friends
I’m college radio-friendly for the few that wanna listen
Pissing in a wishing well to fund the next superstition
Is as valid as any organized religion won't tell you
The romanticystic outlook has society extrapolated from the origin of piety
That got us to this stature-dom, dissected from
Indenture to God, I’m self-indentured to self; if God won't back me then
I'll still fulfill a goal; so what the hell
Did you do when you tasted air this morning?
Or was it that, the advice that either was or wasn't taken?